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In this interactive ebook, you'll learn the 5 Essential Steps to market yourself as a Thought Leader.  

  • How to differentiate yourself from other thought leaders by discovering your Unique Perspective and Insights
  • How to transfer your Unique Perspective and Insights into lessons that are relevant to your audience
  • How to find the Repeatable Method behind your Insight, helping you give real-world value to your audience
  • How to put it all together in a Big Story, using the same storytelling techniques Hollywood uses, to keep your audience hanging on each word
  • How my WellSpring Interview™ can accelerate your path to effectiveness, resulting in higher consulting fees, more speaking engagements, and a focused drive to surpass your competition.

Each section comes with an Interactive Worksheet designed to help you  work with the material to uncover your own Insights.

Discover how you can take the steps you need to put your experience, knowledge, and expertise to work as a thought leader.